Most recently Adam was the Assistant Editor for the “Statue of Liberty” documentary on HBO. He also was the Lead Assistant Editor for BURIED: The Knights Templar on the History Channel. He has assisted and coordinated projects from development to delivery for the film/television networks HBO, Nickelodeon, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, Esquire, E!, Viceland, Bravo, National Geographic, The History Channel. In addition, Mr. Sutherland’s other credits include Executive Assistant to Craig Ferguson and his company Green Mnt. West during the production of “Celebrity Name Game” Seasons 1-3.

As an actor and director, Adam’s short film “SOLITUDE” was programmed at the 2016 Fairhope Film Festival, his sketch series “Tinder Conversations To Life” was covered by HuffPost, and his most recent parody video, “BAMA”, of Alfonso Cuarón’s film “ROMA” was re-tweeted by Cuarón himself. Lastly, for the niche crowd interested in ultimate frisbee in Los Angeles, you’ll find Adam’s curated character, “Ace the Aviator”, as the official mascot for the professional ultimate frisbee team, The Los Angeles Aviators, from his time as Entertainment Director, which he was voted as #1 BEST MASCOT in the league in 2018 by the American Ultimate Disc League.

Since Adam started his career working in tv/film production, he developed a strong foundation for project management from development to delivery. This “on set” experience contributing to entertainment with high level talent and advanced technological elements provided Adam the perspective to understand the tools of writers, directors, actors, and editors. This knowledge has benefitted Adam to continue his creative pursuit for meaningful content that reflects his diverse background.

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